mcqs of physics ...........

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mcqs of physics ...........

Post  himanshu vij on Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:37 pm

Q1 the spectral energy distribution of the sun(temprature 6323 C) has a maximum at 4753A.the temprature of a star for which maximum is 9506A is
A)6050K b)3025K c)12100k d)24200K

Q2 the wall of a hall built fo music concerns should
A)amplify sound B)reflect sound C)transmit sound d)absord sound

Q3 in a LCR circuit the discharge will be oscillatory if
a)R2=4L/C b)R2>4L/C c)R2<4L/C d)R2<L/4C

plzz answer them as fast as possible..thnx

himanshu vij

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